The 2017 Fiscal year for Pleasant Grove has just come to a close. We are encouraged by the number of new houses under construction or nearing completion. This is a great sign that our city is moving forward. 

     Our city website should be up and running soon.  There will be a Facebook
link on the front of our city website to help our residents stay informed of any road improvements or closures along with other interests that the community needs to be aware of. We encourage you to become involved by attending council meetings which are held the first and third Monday of each month. When you attend the council meetings you gain insight of how the process and procedures of our city government works to keep
our city moving forward.  You will also have the opportunity to address your city council members with questions or comments. So, please mark the first and third Monday of each month to attend these meetings.    

     Let me encourage you to “SHOP PLEASANT GROVE FIRST.”  Our tax dollars go to move Pleasant Grove forward and to keep our city safe.  Remember, “The Good Neighbor City” motto is based on citizens working together and having the positive attitudes that create a pleasant environment.

     There are a couple of upcoming events that are just around the corner.
On Thursday, November 30, 2017, (time will be announced at a later date) the City Lighting will take place on the steps of City Hall.  Julie Arman, PGHS Choir director will be leading the choir with Christmas music.  It is always a special time to hear how much talent we have in our community along with opening up the Christmas season.  Also, on the first weekend of December Pleasant Grove presents their annual Christmas Parade.  The Christmas Parade Committee is currently meeting to make the plans for this year’s events.  If you are interested in volunteering with these activities you are encouraged to call 205-744-1724.   

     Let me thank all the volunteers who are working to keep our city clean.  We have had many citizens that are working hand in hand to pick up litter, throughout our city.  We have also recently had citizen volunteers who have painted some playground equipment in our park.  Please be a part of this effort to continue to keep our city one you are to be proud to live in. 

     Thank you for allowing me to humbly serve as your Mayor.
Sincerely, Jerry W. Brasseale, Mayor

City News

Council Meeting for January:
Monday, 1/8/18 @ 7PM, Council Chambers

Monday, 1/22/18 @ 7PM,
Council Chambers

For information about Rental for Park Pavilions call 744-1726.

Municipal Court will be held in the Council Chambers on Wednesday, 1/24/18 @ 9AM.

For any information on Garbage Payment please call, 744-1728.

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